I’m especially drawn to this Marriam-Webster definition:

STILLNESS: A state of freedom from storm or disturbance

Stillness is essentially the art of cultivating space in our lives so that we can become an open channel for inspiration, synchronicity, and abundance. At least that’s my take on it. It is not just another avoidance tactic. It’s a practice…it’s active…it’s presence. As I’ve been playing with creating more stillness in my own life recently, I’ve been witness to its awesome magnetism. Removing distractions and restlessness from our lives becomes a direct and powerful message to the universe that we are not only ready for the thing we are wanting to create; but also, that we have space mentally, physically, and emotionally to nurture it when it comes in.

When we are still, all we have to contend with are our thoughts, faith, and whatever aches we may be experiencing in our bodies. This isn’t always very comfortable, so many of us avoid it completely. But if we can learn to tolerate the discomfort and work with it instead of against it, we can create massive healing shifts in our lives. If you are feeling stuck in anyway…if the thing you want isn’t coming or you can’t seem to get yourself out of a familiar pattern that keeps looping in your life (and is probably creating a lot of self-sabotage), may I suggest that instead of continuing to try to manipulate it all according to your own comfort zone, that you try instead to get quiet, get still, and get yourself ready.

Stillness sounds passive, but there is actually a lot of work to do in this space. It would be useful to use this opportunity to slow down and get curious about the patterns of your mind and/or the suffering in your body. It’s this same quiet that allows us to listen to our own inner guidance system for ways to support ourselves in finding more peace and ease and healing. The more peace and ease we feel in our everyday life, the easier it is to feel protected and trusting in the flow of the universe and the faster and more seemlessly (and with more sustainability) our manifestations can come into being. This has been my experience at least. The stillness I’ve been practicing these past months has rewarded me so magically in such a short period of time and continues to…especially in the areas that relate to my career, my mind/body healing, and new friendships. The right people are showing up at the right time, the authentic thing for me comes in clearly and inspired, and I’m experiencing more joy, laughter, and fun along the way. I come out of it all with great stories full of synchronicities to tell everyone and a stronger trust in myself and the whole process. It’s the difference between forcing things forward and then 2nd guessing all my effort (that’ll kill your self worth real fast!); and instead, experiencing a sense of freedom that comes with feeling as if I’m dancing and flowing with my own life and its natural timeline. All because I took the time to slow down, cut things out that didn’t serve me, and get present with myself.

Before you can cultivate stillness, you must be willing to honestly look at the ways in which you avoid it. Where in your life are you numbing and distracting yourself and what is underneath that behavior/pattern that is wanting to be paid attention to so that a shift can take place and something better suited for you can come in? The possibilities really are endless, but here are some examples you may relate to:

  • Addictions of any kind (alcohol, drugs, sugar, shopping, and so many more)

  • Social media overload

  • Toxic friendships

  • Negative self-talk

  • Working too much…no work/life balance

  • Romantic partners that serve as a crutch rather than life expanders

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Gossiping

  • Listening and watching content that keeps you feeling anxious or bad about yourself

  • Victim mentality…’poor me’ mantras

A lot of your work is done for you if you can just find a way to part with whatever beloved distractions you tend to lean on. By removing that thing from your life (and also being careful to not just replace it with another distraction because the silence or loneliness might be so uncomfortable), you are honoring yourself, your deepest desires, and your wellbeing….and I promise you…you will be rewarded! A great way to support yourself through this process (that will probably trigger some growing pains) is to find activities to replace all the old energy, but ones that also support stillness. You will know better for yourself, but some examples of activities I lean on are:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Journaling

  • Health/wellness podcasts

  • Cooking

  • Exercise

  • Creating new, healthy friendships

  • Exploring new hobbies/interests

Start small. I’m not saying to quit that job that isn’t fulfilling you tomorrow…or to break up with that friend that tears you down just yet. Maybe instead, it would be really great to start with just removing that daily glass of wine for a week or two…or refrain from talking badly about yourself out loud. See what the absence of a particular habit brings up for you and investigate what’s below that stuff. That small shift very well could translate into shifting your relationship with that job or that friendship for the better…it’s all connected one way or another after all.

I’m also not saying you must remove everything forever. I’m saying if you have an unhealthy attachment to it…if it’s a means to avoid some deeper feeling or decision…then that’s when you know it’s probably worth removing. Once you’ve healed what’s underneath the distraction, you can always reintroduce it back into your life in a healthy way if that makes sense for you.

This is an encouragement for you to look for ways to slow down, get quiet, and show up for yourself. Get busy getting still and it will be only a matter of time before you experience the same awesome magnetism for yourself…✨✨✨