✨✨✨The Power of Intention ✨✨✨

A year ago to this day I started my daily intention setting practice. It has been a very powerful practice that has expanded my level of consistency and commitment to myself and has also taught me so much about the process of manifestation.

Here’s kinda how it started…

My friend, who lives in NYC, had a friend who is a yoga teacher/life coach who had just created and published an intention setting journal. It is called MY BLISS BOOK. My friend bought it to support her friend, but knew she wouldn’t use it. My friend knows me well and shipped it down to Nashville to me. At that same time, I was taking stock of what was currently happening in my life…high anxiety, a lot of bad habits, numbing, avoidance, etc. I was in a space where I was getting ready to cut things out and start to relate to myself and my life differently. My higher wisdom was telling me that cutting out all the distractions in my life was going to leave me a lot of time and space and that it would serve me well to add in some healthy habits to replace what I was giving up…giving me something to lean into when I needed to support myself. Literally the same day that I’m getting this strong intuitive hit, the book arrives to me. The day I started the book, 6/5/18, an image of a bull skull kept showing up….in a magazine 1st and then I walked out of my apartment and a half finished page from a coloring book of the same was randomly on the ground in front of my door. I went shopping later that day and there was a shirt with the same image (I bought it obvi). I looked up the symbolism and it represents consistency, patience, manifesting, sacrifice, stability, fertility, strength, intuition, and fulfillment. I took that as a confirmation that if I practiced consistency and commitment to this daily practice of intention setting, it would lead the way to the rest. And folks…holy shit it sure did!

MY BLISS BOOK has you set yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily intentions. I wake up in the morning, start my coffee, journal a few pages, and then set my intentions for the day. I’ve been doing this morning ritual consistently for a year now. It clears my mind, gets me grounded, and keeps me in tune with my intuition and on schedule with my personal goals. I recently finished my first book (it is 11 months long, which is interesting…11 is a very magic number to me) and am now a few weeks into my 2nd round. My yearly intention that I just finished up with was to find peace within myself. I didn’t know how I was going to get there. I honestly didn’t even know what that felt like or looked like. I just knew it was the work I needed to do to in order to incorporate more ease, flow, and positive expectation into my life, career, and relationships. Setting that one intention brought up so much for me to examine, threw me on a crazy path to healing and was the initial spark that began my awakening. A year later I feel so much more at peace with my mind, body, and spirit and have so much gratitude towards myself for showing up for me day after day. Now that I have a healthier relationship with myself, my current intention in these next 11 months is to cultivate more trust in myself, my relationships, and with the Universe. I couldn't get to trust without the initial foundation of peace.

What I have learned about intentions and manifestation over this past year:

  • You don’t have to obsess over an intention to let it do its magic. Simply setting it…writing it down or saying it out loud can be enough. It will find its own way and it can actually be a quicker process when we set it and then forget it.

  • Each intention we set is different and will have a different energetic charge to it…meaning it will have its own unique timing and unfolding process…largely depending on how we feel about it and what might be in the way.

  • Often times, the next step that happens after you set an intention is that anything that is currently in the way will show up to be cleared out. Many people get discouraged and disappointed right away and resign to thinking they aren’t powerful enough or deserving enough to have what they want, but that is so not true. It is the shadow work that makes the space for the intention to come alive and expands our capacity for the light. See whatever obstacle might come up as an opportunity to make room for your intention to come into being…do the uncomfortable work and you will be rewarded.

  • Intentions are the work of the subconscious. And anything we can do to shift our subconscious from any sort of lack mentality or negative beliefs makes us more magnetic. We manifest things in our lives that mirror what we believe we deserve. The subconscious may seem like it’s all mystery, but all you have to do is simply look at your life…take stock of who and what is showing up for you and how it makes you feel. It is a reflection of your feelings about yourself. Want to change it? Set the intention to cultivate a healthier belief system within yourself. Things are feeling good and you are pleased with what is showing up for you? Practice gratitude and acknowledge what thoughts and belief systems are helping attract what it is that is working for you, so you can attract more of the same.

  • Setting intentions is a great way to develop a more trusting relationship with your intuition and inner knowing. The process of setting intentions begins with asking ourselves what it is that we truly need. This still, honest self-reflection helps develop a strong foundation of trust within where we learn to look inside ourselves for the answers rather than outside. And flow naturally follows suit.

  • Once you set an intention, you will get nudges from the universe. You will come to learn what your nudges feel like. Mine often come in the form of a thought (which can get tricky if my mind is diluted with other distractions or conflicting thoughts). Sometimes I get a sign…or it will come up naturally in conversation. Most always there is some kind of synchronicity attached to the nudge to give me some confirmation. When you get a nudge, that’s when you take action.

  • Don’t force anything. Trying to control the timing or the way things play out will only get you spiraling back into your negative belief systems and will keep your body and mind tense…it will only confirm your beliefs that things don’t work out or that you always have to struggle to make something happen, etc. We want to do anything we can to transform those subconscious thoughts. Practice sacrificing the need for instant gratification and any anxiety that may come up in the void space and use the meantime to dive into some shadow work and honestly reflect on what might be in the way of having what you want.

  • Intentions always do find their way and in perfect timing. You can even play with the universe and set a date if you want. I swear to god that on the last day and the very last page of MY BLISS BOOK (it took 11 months), the missing piece of what was consistently stealing my peace showed up for me clear as a bell. There were huge developments along the way, but the final thing…the thing that connected it all…the big monster break though…I finally got it. That very day! How insane is that?!? And it made all the sense in the world to me in that moment and lifted a huge boulder of confusion and 2nd guessing out of my headspace that had been preventing my peace of mind for so long. I am now feeling so at peace within myself…which is admittedly unfamiliar and a little uncomfortable at times. I’m currently practicing getting used to what it feels like.

  • The manifestation may look differently than your expectation. AND THAT IS A FUCKING GIFT! If you are not lining up with something specific that you are wanting…the rejection is protection. There is something so much better suited for you. Be loose with your visions. Get excited for it playing out better than your could imagine.

  • You can’t get anywhere or have anything if you are not willing. Willingness is just as important as the intention itself. Willingness to show up for yourself. Willingness to have things be different than they are now. Willingness to examine your belief systems. Willingness to give up the attachment to anything that does not serve you or that keeps you in suffering. Willingness to have things work out for you.

Setting the intention to find peace within myself and then my willingness to practice consistency and commitment to showing up for whatever needed to show up for me, has changed my life. I have cultivated a new way of being in the world. I have let go of anything that contributes to any sort of suffering or stealing away of my joy. I have taken my own power back. I have peace of mind. For maybe the first time ever. I feel safe and lighter and magnetic and powerful.

If setting intentions daily is too daunting, start with monthly intentions. Make it doable for yourself. The new moon is a great time to set an intention. The full moon is a great time to take stock of your progress and release whatever might be showing up that is creating resistance to the unfolding of that intention. Be kind to yourself. Let it take the time it needs. Remember that ‘what you seek is seeking you’. -Rumi

To order your own MY BLISS BOOK, you can go here to Lara Land’s website here: https://laraland.us/product/bliss-book/?doing_wp_cron=1559743842.2723329067230224609375

Below are some excerpts from MY BLISS BOOK; as well as, the contract I signed with myself a year ago that has manifested itself so beautifully and also the images of the bull skull I came across on that initial day. ❤︎