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CAN I TRUST YOU?!? ☀︎⭐︎☾

“In every moment the Universe is conspiring to bring me toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love.” -The Universe Has Your Back cards by Gabby Bernstein

As I mentioned in my 1st post, I’ve been moving through the process of a kundalini awakening. A kundalini awakening is the reactivation and alignment of each chakra starting at the root and moving up one by one through the crown. It usually involves the rebalancing of each of those energy centers in the body and signals major transformation for the person experiencing it. I am not an expert. I only know from my experience, but the process has been an incredibly intuitive one and has coincided with some major healing and transformations within me physically, mentally, and spiritually. My awakening started in early July, 2018 and I’ve been slowly moving through and balancing each chakra since then. I didn’t realize I was working through this process until I was in my solar plexus and moving into my heart chakra…that’s how naturally it has all flowed for me. But my journal entries and daily intentions from those early months are so powerfully aligned with the chakras I was moving through at that point and it’s pretty cool. Each chakra has taken about a month and a half to move through. Three weeks ago I got the hit that I was finished with expanding my 3rd eye chakra and that I was moving into my crown.

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